Survival Stories: Jeff Bova-for Longmire on A&E

Every day at Survival Straps we receive word from a customer or two who has used his or her Survival Straps gear in an emergency! Have you used your Survival Strap recently? Send us your story and some pictures and we’ll send you a replacement strap. Just shoot us an email (, or send us a letter-the long hand way to 1106 A1A N, Suite 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082 with your information and we’ll get back to you. Here’s a story from our friend Jeff of how he’s used his strap!

My name is Jeff Bova and I am the Transportation Captain for a new television series called “Longmire”.

We are shooting the television show in and around the Santa Fe, NM area and as such, move great distances between locations. We move a lot at night after working 16 or more hours. Two nights ago we were moving from Las Vegas, NM to Glorietta, NM and I was working on getting the last two cast trailers on the move to the next location. Of course nothing goes wrong until the middle of the night, with limited resources and time. The last trailer’s light cord wouldn’t stay connected and we can’t drive 50 miles with no lights at 11pm. After trying unsuccessfully to jam the connection in, I finally sacrificed my survival straps bracelet, which I use as a medical alert bracelet, to tie the connector in place. We made the move successfully with no further problems and thanks to the rigging of the umbilical, no ticket from the New Mexico State Police. I purchased the survival strap first, because of your support of the wounded warrior program, but also because of the business that I am in and to use as a medical alert identification tag. I thank you for a great product and for your support of our wounded veterans. I will be placing my order for a replacement today.

Indebted to your company,

Jeffrey P Bova

Transportation Captain
“Longmire” Television Series for the A&E Network/Sheppard-Robin Productions.


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