Survival Straps Launches New Line: US Paralympic Team!

The U.S. Paralympic Team is a crucial part of  Team USA.  Today, Survival Straps is fired up to launch a brand new line to support our U.S. Paralympic athletes!  As a small American business, Survival Straps is humbled and proud to now offer Officially Licensed U.S. Paralympic Team gear! Show your support and celebrate the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games with the coolest American handmade gear around. The U.S Paralympic Team athletes represent empowerment and inspiration and heighten our sense of community, honor, and American patriotism.  Let’s represent our U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team athletes while they represent the USA! Get yours and you’ll be fully prepared to watch Team USA go for the gold this summer in London!

Survival Straps US Paralympic Gear Tag

Survival Straps US Paralympic Necklace

Survival Straps Wide US Paralympic Survival Bracelet

Survival Straps US Paralympic Neck ID

Survival Straps US Paralympics Key Fob

Survival Strap US Paralympic Light Duty Survival Bracelet

Order your own Team USA and U.S. Paralympic Team Gear on our website 

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