Survival Straps Supports: Team USA

The Olympics are just around the corner, so what are you waiting for? All Team USA athletes will receive limited edition Survival Straps bracelets and gear tags featuring Team USA logos. We’re fired up to support our American athletes with our officially licensed US Olympic gear and you can show your support and wear the same gear as the athletes too! The Olympic Games generate an amazing sense of camaraderie, patriotism and love for our country and we are honored to help raise support for our athletes and Team USA! All of our Team USA gear is made in America and is available on our website. Visit to get yours!

Survival Straps Team USA Neck ID Shield

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Marcus Luttrell & Survival Straps: Never Forget, Never Quit

Marcus Luttrell "Service" Survival Strap

Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal and recipient of the Navy Cross for combat heroism, is one of the toughest warriors in American history. Recently, Marcus released an incredible book called “Service,” about Navy Seals at war and acts of true American Heroism-everyone needs to read it! We are extremely proud to produce a special line of American-made gear for Marcus, which is available to the public on his website. Check it out and support one of our nation’s greatest heroes!!

Survival Stories: Troy Curnow

Wear it. Unravel it. Survive it.

It’s always exciting to read Survival Stories and see pictures that our customers send in via email ( or in a good old-fashioned letter. Here’s a story we received yesterday of how our handy, 550 military spec paracord bracelet helped to save Troy Curnow’s hide while he was hiking in Alaska:

Survival Straps-Curnow's Climb

“I purchased a survival strap for my husband (the wilderness adventurer) while we were living in Colorado. We moved back to Jax, Fl last year, and come to find out you guys were based here all along! That’s besides the point, though, because my husband left in February to work on a Gold Mine in Alaska, and actually had to use his survival strap in a survival situation! Here’s his story:

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Survival Straps: Military Care Packages

Military Care Packages-Survival Straps

We’re so thankful for our warriors who are fighting for our freedom!! Because of your support, we’ve put together thousands of care packages for our soldiers overseas who are serving our great country selflessly. Want to send a care package to one of our American heroes? Thousands of our troops would love to hear from you! Send them one of our tough, American-built survival bracelets, some goodies, and thank them for their service via our website.

Survival Straps: Ribbon Collection

Autism Ribbon Survival Strap

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve added two new designs to our Survival Straps Ribbon Collection: white and multi-colored ribbon gear representing Lung cancer and Autism awareness. Show care and support for your loved ones! You can check out the ribbon collection and order your very own awareness straps, Neck I.D. lanyards, and key fobs on our website at Thank you for your support!


White Ribbon Neck ID Survival Strap

Survival Stories: Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 3rd Class, Kirk Lites

We love the Survival Stories customers send into us about the many incredible ways they have used their Survival Straps gear.  Here’s a great story from Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 3rd Class, Kirk Lites, of how his Survival Strap helped him out!

Kirk's Survival Straps Story


My name is Kirk Lites.  I am currently serving in the United States Navy as a Master-at-Arms, and am currently located in Sicily, Italy.  I ordered a Survival Strap bracelet from your company about a month ago and was actually excited to be able to use it a few days ago.  Here is the story as to why I broke the bracelet down:

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Survival Straps: Women’s Favorite

MIchele Fishtail Survival Strap

Who says Survival Straps aren’t feminine? Our head of Retail Sales, Michele, sure knows how to make her Fish Tail bracelet look incredible! Survival Straps are built in the USA with military spec 550 paracord. In an emergency, unravel the gear to deploy the paracord and save your hide! Oh yeah, all we do supports the Wounded Warrior Project!