Survival Stories: Ed

We love to hear stories from our customers who have used their Survival Straps to save their hides in an emergency! Have you used your Survival Straps® Gear? Write an email and send a picture or two over to us: Remember, if you use your gear and share your story, we’ll replace the gear for free!

Here’s a great story from our friend Ed:

On a bike ride today one of my pedals broke apart, about to fall off 12 miles from my car. I have a few Survival Straps, today I was wearing my fishtail black strap. I partially unwound it and used it to tie the pedal on my bike, saving me a 3 hour walk back to my car in the summer heat. I wear them about 80% of the time…now it will be 100%. Thanks for making a great product and supporting Wounded Warrior Project.


Survival Stories: Pedal, Bike, Black Fishtail

Survival Straps: Survival Stories, Black Fishtail Bike Rescue


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