Survival Story: Seth Bernardez

We love to hear stories from our customers of how they’ve used their Survival Straps® gear in an emergency! Have a story? Email it with photos to!
Survival Straps Survival Story Seth Bernardez
“Howdy fine folks at Survival Straps!My sister got me and my brothers these bracelets for christmas, and I finally have a cool story as to how I used mine.

My family and I took a vacation to Minnesota. We stayed in a cabin on Eagle Lake in Bigfork MN. One windy day my father and I decided to test our sailing skills and pull the sail boat out of the garage. The boat is older and has some wear, but it seemed solid so we hit the water. The wind was strong, blowing us over and flipping the boat a couple of times (given we are not the most experienced sailors). After we made it out of our bay the wind really picked up, and the old boat parts starting giving out. We had to re-tie the sail down a couple of times and after one final tip over the rope and pulley system holding the boom down snapped, a cotter pin had broken, leaving the boat un-usable. We had no tools with us to straighten and re-install the cotter pin so we were stuck in the middle of the lake, then I remembered I was wearing my Survival Straps Survival Bracelet!
Survival Straps Survival Story Seth Bernardez Survival Straps Survival Story Seth Bernardez
I untied the two ends and used about a foot of the strap to secure the pulley that had come loose, which successfully held the boom down, allowing us to sail back to the cabin safely and soundly! I was glad I was wearing the bracelet, without it, we would have had to paddle back a very long way or wait for a stranger to come give us a tow.Thanks for saving the sailing day!Seth Bernardez”

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