Survival Straps-More Than Just Tactical Gear

Stories from our customers remind us of why we do what we do here at Survival Straps.  This is a special one from Lou, a cancer survivor who wears her Survival Bracelet as a symbol of hope and a celebration of her victory over her battle with cancer. Have a story about your Survival Straps gear? Send it our way!


I just received my maroon and white fishtail bracelet and it is beautiful.  I am a two time head and neck cancer survivor.  As you may or may not know, burgundy and white are the colors for oral, head and neck cancers.  So, I decided to celebrate my survival with a bracelet in those colors.  Now, I can see a reminder that I am a survivor every day on my wrist.  What’s better is that people ask me what the bracelet means and I get a chance to talk about celebrating surviving cancer.

Even though I may never have to unravel my bracelet for an important use, by being on my wrist it is helping me survive.

Thank you again

Lou Lumi

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