Introducing Survival Straps® Support Pages!

Sikh Temple Oak Creek Awareness Survival Straps Support Page

We know that many people use their Survival Bracelets™ as symbols of strength in the face of adversity (see the story from one of our customers at the bottom of this page). We also know that thousands of people in our country are facing huge challenges in their lives. Survival Straps® wants to help inspire the people in their lives to support them through these tough times.

Survival Straps® Support Pages are a great way to raise awareness and money for individuals and their causes. Create a bracelet to use as a symbol of strength if you are facing a major challenge in your life. The bracelet you create will be available for purchase on your specific Support Page. You can share the link to this page with your family and friends who can come to your page and purchase the gear to show their support. Up to 25% of the purchase price will be donated to the foundation, fund, or cause that is listed on the Support Page. A Survival Straps® Support Page can be developed for anyone who needs strength and support from their family and friends. Who are Support Pages for? Here are a few examples:

  • Create a Support Page for an individual who is battling cancer
  • Build Support Pages for individuals who are trying to fund a mission trip across the world to help other people
  • Support Pages can raise awareness, funds, hope, and strength for a child with a terminal disease
  • A Support Page is perfect for a fire department that wants to raise money to buy new equipment for their firehouse
  • Support Pages can raise support and awareness for an autistic child

Click here to develop your own Support Page.


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