Survival Stories: Sean Parr, Sr. Airman

Sean Parr Comes to Survival Straps®

Sean Parr with Daryl Walls and Kurt Walchle of Survival Straps®

Sean Parr, a good friend of Survival Straps® and an American Hero, returned home to Florida from his service in Afghanistan during May of 2012. Sean’s recent deployment to Afghanistan took a turn for the worse  when he was attacked by rioting locals while providing security for one of our U.S. bases. Sean was struck in the head repeatedly and shot 3 separate times by a Taliban spy-once point blank in the face-with birdshot.

Covered in blood, mud, and human excrement (that the locals chose to throw at our troops), Sean was greatly relieved to receive the WWP backpack filled with clean clothes immediately upon his evacuation. We are proud that a small piece of home (and our Survival Straps® gear)  made its way into Sean’s hands during his ordeal as part of the Under Armour –WWP backpack program. While Sean will carry shrapnel from the birdshot embedded in his eye for the rest of his life, we recognize that Sean is one of the lucky ones that made it home alive.

We honor the sacrifices that all of our servicemen, servicewomen, and their families endure to protect our freedom.

We are so glad you are safe and recovered, Sean! We deeply appreciate your service and sacrifice for our country.


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