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Survival Stories: Melanie K.

Survival Straps Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Paracord Survival Bracelet

“Dear Survival Straps,

Four months ago, my husband talked me into getting one of these survival straps, which I thought were useful in a jam, very original, and we loved the fact that part of the proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I chose the color “pink” for awareness as my mom is a breast cancer survivor.

Never did I think that this strap now on my left wrist would be seeing me through my own diagnosis of breast cancer at the young age of 33.  Instead of putting on my watch in the morning now, I now put on my survival strap because it gives me the strength to know that I can and will survive this.  Just seeing the words “survival” is healing and gives me hope that I will overcome this during the months of treatment I have left before I can officially say I kicked this cancer to the curb.

Many thanks,
Melanie K., CT”

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Survival Story: John Racine

We love to hear stories of how our customers have used their Survival Straps in a time of need. Here’s a story from our friend John and how he used his Survival

Harley Survival Strap 550 Paracord Story

“Hi Survival Straps,

Here is my story on how I had to use my survival strap:

I work at a large Harley Davidson store in Pennsylvania. On the night of Hurricane Sandy (Monday October 29th) I was asked to stay through the night (with one other employee, Frank) to keep an eye on things and get the generator going to keep the security and computer system running.

Well, sure enough, around 8:30 pm that night, the power went out. We jumped to action to get the generator going. We turned the choke on, I pulled the pull cord once to try to start the generator’s and the cord broke in my hand.

Frank and I worked to try to get the shortened pull cord to start the generator, but the spring used to retract the cord had also broke, so the rope would not rewind back into the pulley. We tried feverishly to get the generator started and had to take apart the pulley / pull cord setup at least 15 times to no avail.

Finally, I said to Frank, “Let’s use my Survival Strap bracelet and connect it directly to the shaft.”  So I took my Survival Strap bracelet off and took it apart. I then tied a knot at one end and put the original pull handle onto the survival strap cord, then tied another knot at the other end. I hooked the end knot onto one of the holes in the 1.5 inch exposed tube shaft of the generator, then wound the rest of the cord around it, then gave it a pull. The generator turned over once, but didn’t quite start. I gave it a second try, pulling hard, and the generator fired up.

The generator stayed running all night long, keeping the store’s systems going.

Thanks Survival Straps.

John Racine, PA”