Support Page: Ian Gunnell

Ian Gunnell

Ian Gunnell is fighting Leukemia at Seattle Children’s Hospital as we speak. A North Kitsap grassroots effort is currently underway to raise $100,000 to help pay for Ian’s medical treatment. We are also looking for Corporate sponsors to match. Ian is facing a rare and aggressive form of the disease – blastic plasmacytoid dendritic neoplasm. There are only 25 documented cases of this malignancy in children and Ian’s is the first to ever be seen or treated in Seattle. In fact, there is little reference for pediatric treatment of the disease available worldwide.

Help support Ian and his fight against Leukemia! Depending on purchase volume, Survival Straps will donate up to 25% of the proceeds to Ian and his family.

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Ian’s father was recently interviewed on a local Fox station in Seattle. To watch the interview, click here. So awesome!

We wish Ian and his family nothing but the best; to purchase a Survival Strap in support of Ian click here: