Support Page: Students Serving Soldiers

Recently we launched a Support Page for an impressive group of high school students out of Armonk, NY. They started a club called Students Serving Soldiers to support our troops, a cause we are deeply supportive advocates of.

StudentsIn their own words:

“The Students Serving Soldiers club is a club out of Byram Hills High School in Armonk, NY that dedicates itself to supporting the troops past and present. As a club we do this in a variety of ways. We visit local veteran hospitals and play games with many of the WWII, Vietnam and Korean heroes who are so often forgotten for their sacrifices. We also raise money to pay for the training of service dogs for wounded troops. One of the club’s greatest successes is the care package drives that it runs. In the most recent drive Students Serving Soldiers sent sixty boxes to the 10th Mountain division in Afghanistan. The club’s ability to send more packages is only limited by monetary donations. This club is full of dedicated high school students who work tirelessly to fulfill the club’s mission to the best of their ability. The servicemen and women do so much for us; please help us do something for them. If you have any questions about the club you can reach us at and we will get back to you as fast as possible. Thank you for your support!”

Pretty impressive, right?

730499_4277209609262_1376172845_n (3)We’re so impressed by these dedicated young people for their service and support of our Men and Women in Uniform! Keep up the good work!

To visit their Support Page and/or start your own, visit here.


Survival Story: Survival Straps Headquarters

An emergency comes in all shapes and sizes, as we here at Survival Straps have learned by the many interesting and frankly mind-blowing stories we’ve received from our customers. We know that 550 military-issue parachute cord is handy in just about any situation, big or small. So, when a situation arose that we didn’t foresee, we were able to put our very own product into use!

Outside of our building, we raise an American flag each and every day. A few weeks ago, however, the ties broke, and we were left with no way to secure and proudly display Old Glory.


Can you take a guess at what we used? 🙂


Needless to say, the paracord worked perfectly and safely upheld our flag until a more permanent remedy could be established.

DSC_0857So, the question is, how will you use yours?

Visit to find out more or share your very own Survival Story!

Survival Story: Alena Chesser

Alena 1

Recently, we came in contact with one amazing young woman who has quite an inspirational story to tell. Alena Chesser, age 29, was practicing hand to hand combat with the US Army when she received news that she was living with a severe brain tumor. After going through one successful surgery, the tumor returned, and Alena started to experience aggressive headaches and uncontrollable seizures. She details her harrowing experience:

“January 16, 2013, I called my mom and I told her I wasn’t feeling well, then the phone went silent on her as I blacked out and fell to the kitchen floor.  I became status epileptics.  When I came to I was on a stretcher, and the EMS crew was looking at my Survival Strap Medical Bracelet.  They hadn’t seen anything like it before but followed the ICEDOT instructions.  It pulled up everything about me: allergies, medication, medical history, age, date of birth and even notified my emergency contacts.  This let my mother know I was safe in EMS care and informed my best friend and roommate something was wrong.

Without my ICEDOT membership the hospital wouldn’t have had any information on me, and without my Survival Strap Medical Bracelet they would not have been able to treat me as quickly. They would not have had my medical information, known what was causing the seizures, or what to give me.  Status epileptics is very dangerous and is what kills most people that have severe head trauma (from brain tumor and surgery) like myself.  Some data shows that 1 out of 5 patients that become status epileptics die because the hospital is unable to gain control and stabilize the patient.  I was not that person, because the hospital had all of my medical information available even though they had never seen me before.”

Alena, you are an inspiration! Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep fighting!

If you would like to purchase your own Survival Straps ® Medical Alert Bracelet, click here. You never know, it could save your life!

Green Beret Foundation

Green Beret Foundation

Survival Straps is proud to announce our partnership with the Green Beret Foundation, an organization that provides a wide spectrum of support and services to the United States Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the Green Berets. Green Berets perform a variety of different services all with the intent of protecting our nation and seeking freedom for those oppressed. Because of their often clandestine and specialized tasks, Green Berets are familiarly known as the United States Army’s Quiet Professionals, and their heroic deeds often go unnoticed or kept secret. The Green Beret Foundation seeks to laud and assist these heroes on a more dynamic and outspoken level.

regular (2)The Green Beret Foundation employs six active approaches towards their mission which includes: caring for those service men and women injured in service, advocacy on their behalf, providing financial and emotional support to family members of fallen Green Berets, and so much more! They’re doing amazing things to support our troops, a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this new collection on their behalf.

fobIf you’re passionate about supporting our troops, than this gear is for you! A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated directly to the Green Beret Foundation to support their mission and goals.

necklaceVisit here to purchase your very own Green Beret Foundation Survival Gear to support our troops!

Support Page: Ryan’s Battle Buddies

Recently, we launched a Support Page for a wonderful organization supporting a unique cause. Ryan’s Battle Buddies is an organization started in honor and in memory of a five-year-old little boy who lost his battle with Leukemia in August 2012.

The organization was founded by his sister, Mikelle. She wrote:

“Ryan was the funniest, brightest soul, and best son and brother anyone could have asked for. He left behind two sisters. I have started a foundation in his name called “Ryan’s Battle Buddies”. It’s for military children affected by cancer. We had to move from Germany when he was diagnosed and it was very expensive and lot of stress on top of knowing your child has cancer. I want to help these children and families going through what we did. I don’t want them to be alone and have as little stress as possible so they can focus on their child with cancer. Ryan may be gone, but I know his story will always be told with “Ryan’s Battle Buddies”. He will live on through the smiles of other military children with cancer.”

You too can help support their cause by buying a Ryan’s Battle Buddies Survival Strap.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ -  Ryan's Battle Buddies Tag

Key Fob - Ryan's Battle Buddies Tag

Visit to learn more about their cause or set up your own support page. Let us know how we can help YOU!

Birdies for the Brave

Survival Straps is proud to announce our partnership with Birdies for the Brave, a nationally recognized PGA Tour Charities, Inc. program that does so much to support the incredible men and women of the US Armed Forces and their families.

regularIn support of soldiers injured in combat, Birdies for the Brave was originally created by TOUR player Phil Mickelson and his wife, Amy, in 2005. Since then, their organization has expanded to include a variety of different military outreach efforts such as care packages to troops, military celebrations, fundraising events, and so much more! We couldn’t be more proud to partner with such an organization.

lightdutyIncredibly, Birdies for the Brave, in collaboration with other PGA Tour players and corporate partners, has raised millions of dollars that reaches eight different national military homefront groups approved by the Department of Defense. These organizations include Homes for Our Troops, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Homefront, Navy SEAL Foundation, Military Warriors Support Foundation, United Through Reading and Green Beret Foundation.

fobIf you love golf and supporting our troops this gear is definitely for you! We’ll donate a portion of the proceeds back to Birdies for the Brave to support their inspiring mission. As always, Survival Straps is proud to support our country, troops and veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. To see more information and to purchase a Birdies for the Brave Survival Strap, visit:

Survival Story: Saving the Day in a Snowy Situation

In light of the blizzards that have recently been circulating, we thought we would share a story of how Survival Straps saved the day in a snowy situation:

The climbCasey out of Jacksonville, Florida wrote:

My husband, Troy, and his co-worker/friend, Eric, are Supervisors for a Gold Mine in Alaska. Part of their job is to hike in to the wilderness to stake new claims and test new equipment. Back in April, they had to hike several miles, over mountain ridges and through the Alaskan Wilderness in an attempt to capture a cell signal to bounce back to camp. There was only one pair of modern snowshoes, so they took the antique pair off of the lodge wall for Eric to use. Several miles into their hike, the bottom of Eric’s snow shoes fell apart.

The fixTurning around and trying to trudge back through the 4-inch-plus deep snow without the shoes was NOT an option. Troy knew he had to do something, so he sacrificed his Survival Strap to use, along with branches from the trees, to fix the snow shoes. Because of the paracord, they were able to fashion a makeshift bottom to the shoe, continue their work and complete the hike back to camp!

Strap after

They workedHave any cool stories about how you use your Survival Strap? Don’t forget to let us know! Email us your story with pictures to

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