Green Beret Foundation

Green Beret Foundation

Survival Straps is proud to announce our partnership with the Green Beret Foundation, an organization that provides a wide spectrum of support and services to the United States Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the Green Berets. Green Berets perform a variety of different services all with the intent of protecting our nation and seeking freedom for those oppressed. Because of their often clandestine and specialized tasks, Green Berets are familiarly known as the United States Army’s Quiet Professionals, and their heroic deeds often go unnoticed or kept secret. The Green Beret Foundation seeks to laud and assist these heroes on a more dynamic and outspoken level.

regular (2)The Green Beret Foundation employs six active approaches towards their mission which includes: caring for those service men and women injured in service, advocacy on their behalf, providing financial and emotional support to family members of fallen Green Berets, and so much more! They’re doing amazing things to support our troops, a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this new collection on their behalf.

fobIf you’re passionate about supporting our troops, than this gear is for you! A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated directly to the Green Beret Foundation to support their mission and goals.

necklaceVisit here to purchase your very own Green Beret Foundation Survival Gear to support our troops!


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