Support Page: Kylie Jade Davis

We have gotten an incredible response to our Support Page program, and we come across inspirational people and stories every day. Abby Abbot recently set up a Support Page for her adorable niece, Kylie. Here is a little about their family and this unique little girl:

Kylie 2

“This is Kylie Jade Davis, my niece who lives in Dallas, GA. Kylie has an older brother Levi, an older sister Kaitlyn and a younger brother K.J. Her parents are Jimmy & Lori Davis. They knew from day one that something was wrong; Kylie’s pediatricians at first said it was most likely Autism, but after months of her mommy searching online she found a genetics specialist. Kylie was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome on February 28, 2013. She is 3 years old. This syndrome was first discovered in 1965 by Dr. Angelman, but at that time it was so very rare that he could never gather the funding for research and a cure. To date there are thousands of children who have been misdiagnosed due to lack of donations for funding; please donate and research as much as you can about Angelman Syndrome. Knowledge is power. Help Kylie Jade and so many other children get the research they need for a cure. Thank you, Abby Abbott”


Abby and the folks at Angelman Syndrome Foundation came together to create their own Survival Straps to raise awareness and support for this disease and the families affected by it. Check Kylie’s page out, here, and you too can help find a cure.

If you are interested in starting your own Support Page, please visit our website, here.


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