Oklahoma Support Page

On May 20, 2013, Oklahoma was hit by a series of massive and deadly tornadoes that left devastation and heartbreak in their wake. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected as they grieve the loss of their loved ones, homes and belongings. The relief effort is only just beginning, and this Support Page will hopefully aid the rescue workers as they repair this broken city and bring some comfort to the people who have lost so much.

oklahoma-state-regular-bracelet-colonial-blue25% of the sales price of this Support Page will be split between two charities: American Red Cross and the OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund.  It is our hope that this donation will benefit their efforts and alleviate some of the burden this disaster has tolled.oklahoma-flag-key-fob-colonial-blue (2)Purchase your Oklahoma Survival Straps® Gear to show your support for the people of Oklahoma and help restore their faith in this world.


Survival Straps Harley-Davidson Collection

Survival Straps® is incredibly excited to announce our new collection of Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson® gear!

new harley fb photoHarley-Davidson® is the most renowned and celebrated motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and they have been producing top-of-the-line motorcycles and creating one-of-a-kind riding experiences for over 100 years. They have built up an incredible community of motorcycle owners and enthusiasts alike, offering Riders Edge riding courses and providing avenues for like-minded riders to connect. They also give back to our community through the Harley-Davidson® Foundation, an effort we are also passionate about within our own company. They’re an American-made business that is recognized by its credibility and craftsmanship around the world, and Survival Straps® is proud to join their ranks as an Official Licensee.

HD CollageSurvival Straps® Harley-Davidson® gear will be available in six different color combinations and many exciting products that include Survival Bracelets™, key fobs and necklaces. We could not be more proud to offer this exclusive collection to our customers and fans. Whether you own a motorcycle or are simply admirers of the craft and prestigious products of Harley-Davidson®, you’re sure to love this new gear! Purchase your Survival Straps® Harley-Davidson® gear today and join the community of one of the most recognized American manufacturers in the world.  

Texas Tough

Texas ToughOn April 17, 2013, West Texas was rocked by an explosion that occurred at a large fertilizer plant, killing fourteen people, wounding hundreds and causing irreparable damage to the surrounding area. This shaken city needs our help now more than ever to help rebuild and provide comfort and assistance to the victims’ families and friends. This support page is dedicated to the incredibly tough people of Texas to show our support and help with their relief efforts.

texas-tough-key-fob-3-black25% of the sales price will be split between two funds established to alleviate the financial and emotional burden this disaster has tolled. The Waco Foundation West, Texas Disaster Relief Efforts Fund aids in the renovation of the area and provision of the victims’ families who are now in the process of grieving, and the Texas Fire and EMS Fallen Hero Fund hosted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation provides emotional assistance and monetary relief to the families who lost loved ones. These incredibly brave men and women fought to curb the fire and were lost in the line of duty when the explosion occurred and while arriving on the scene as first responders.

texas-tough-regular-bracelet-1-r-patriotPurchase your Survival Straps® Texas Tough gear to support the people of West, Texas and to show your pride for the great state of Texas.

Support Page: Alyssa Lee

We recently launched a Support Page for this beautiful little girl, Alyssa. Read about her story and the journey she and her family will soon embark upon: Alyssa Lee

Alyssa Lee is 5 years old and has Rett Syndrome. This is a unique developmental disorder that is first recognized in infancy and seen almost always in girls. As of now there is no cure, however, Alyssa has been chosen to participate in a promising medical trial at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. The trips are an 11 day stay where the family is responsible for travel, housing and food. The proceeds of this support page will go to help raise money for Alyssa’s journey. Thank you!

alyssa-lee-regular-braceletPlease visit our website, here, to be able to view her page and purchase products in support of Alyssa and her family. If you or someone you know would like to set up a Support Page with us, please email supportpage@survivalstraps.com for more information.

Jersey Strong

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and surrounding areas, destroying homes, businesses and irrecoverable landmarks. To this day, the Jersey Shore is still rebuilding and banding together to repair the damage that occurred. The American people have come together and shown unbelievable strength and solidarity in surrounding the people affected with love and encouragement. With this Support Page, Survival Straps® hopes to add to their relief efforts.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Map Logo

25% of the sales price from all products on this page will be donated to the New Jersey Relief Fund, an incredible organization that is greatly helping those affected. To learn more and donate directly to the fund, please visit www.sandynjrelieffund.org To display your support for New Jersey, purchase your Jersey Strong gear and help give back what was lost.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Tracker Logo

Don’t forget to check out our Support Pages! There are so many individuals and organizations that are raising awareness and funds for amazing causes. Survivals Straps® is humbled to be able to help.