Jersey Strong

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and surrounding areas, destroying homes, businesses and irrecoverable landmarks. To this day, the Jersey Shore is still rebuilding and banding together to repair the damage that occurred. The American people have come together and shown unbelievable strength and solidarity in surrounding the people affected with love and encouragement. With this Support Page, Survival Straps® hopes to add to their relief efforts.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Map Logo

25% of the sales price from all products on this page will be donated to the New Jersey Relief Fund, an incredible organization that is greatly helping those affected. To learn more and donate directly to the fund, please visit To display your support for New Jersey, purchase your Jersey Strong gear and help give back what was lost.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Tracker Logo

Don’t forget to check out our Support Pages! There are so many individuals and organizations that are raising awareness and funds for amazing causes. Survivals Straps® is humbled to be able to help.

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