Texas Tough

Texas ToughOn April 17, 2013, West Texas was rocked by an explosion that occurred at a large fertilizer plant, killing fourteen people, wounding hundreds and causing irreparable damage to the surrounding area. This shaken city needs our help now more than ever to help rebuild and provide comfort and assistance to the victims’ families and friends. This support page is dedicated to the incredibly tough people of Texas to show our support and help with their relief efforts.

texas-tough-key-fob-3-black25% of the sales price will be split between two funds established to alleviate the financial and emotional burden this disaster has tolled. The Waco Foundation West, Texas Disaster Relief Efforts Fund aids in the renovation of the area and provision of the victims’ families who are now in the process of grieving, and the Texas Fire and EMS Fallen Hero Fund hosted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation provides emotional assistance and monetary relief to the families who lost loved ones. These incredibly brave men and women fought to curb the fire and were lost in the line of duty when the explosion occurred and while arriving on the scene as first responders.

texas-tough-regular-bracelet-1-r-patriotPurchase your Survival Straps® Texas Tough gear to support the people of West, Texas and to show your pride for the great state of Texas.


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