Survival Straps Harley-Davidson Collection

Survival Straps® is incredibly excited to announce our new collection of Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson® gear!

new harley fb photoHarley-Davidson® is the most renowned and celebrated motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and they have been producing top-of-the-line motorcycles and creating one-of-a-kind riding experiences for over 100 years. They have built up an incredible community of motorcycle owners and enthusiasts alike, offering Riders Edge riding courses and providing avenues for like-minded riders to connect. They also give back to our community through the Harley-Davidson® Foundation, an effort we are also passionate about within our own company. They’re an American-made business that is recognized by its credibility and craftsmanship around the world, and Survival Straps® is proud to join their ranks as an Official Licensee.

HD CollageSurvival Straps® Harley-Davidson® gear will be available in six different color combinations and many exciting products that include Survival Bracelets™, key fobs and necklaces. We could not be more proud to offer this exclusive collection to our customers and fans. Whether you own a motorcycle or are simply admirers of the craft and prestigious products of Harley-Davidson®, you’re sure to love this new gear! Purchase your Survival Straps® Harley-Davidson® gear today and join the community of one of the most recognized American manufacturers in the world.  


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