Support Page: Live For Today

Survival Straps® is excited to have been recently partnered with a local Jacksonville non-profit organization, Live For Today, that gear their efforts towards supporting and uplifting young adults with cancer. A Support Page in their honor was launched this past week on our website, and depending on purchase volume, we will send 15% – 25% of the sales price to help out with their various funding needs. In their own words:

“Live for Today Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps young adults with cancer. Our programs create adventure, encourage new experiences, uplift through support, and inspire a healthy lifestyle for our members. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States – almost 8 times the total number of pediatric cancers. Cancer interrupts school, relationships, careers, getting married, and having children. We are here to empower young adults with cancer by focusing on living, not cancer.”

live_for_today_logoWhat an amazing organization that has already done so much in its short existence, and Survival Straps hopes that this partnership will aid them even further in their admirable endeavors. You can purchase a regular Survival Bracelet™, a light duty bracelet and/or a key fob in their colors and logo to show your support for their cause and help them reach even more deserving young adults. Learn more about Live For Today at their website, here, and purchase your Live for Today Survival Straps gear to be a part of their story.

live-for-today-regular-bracelet-1 live-for-today-light-duty-bracelet-2 live-for-today-key-fob-1For all Support Page inquiries, please email