Survival Straps: What Sets Us Apart

Recently, a Survival Straps® customer shared this photo he took at a hardware store of a bracelet that closely resembles our Survival Bracelets™.

Imitation ProductsTommy wrote: “It’s a Survival Strap LOOKING item…but with a very important difference…the disclaimer. If you can’t read it, it says, ‘This product is not intended for load bearing or any other emergency or survival purposes. This product is intended and designed only to be a novelty or decorative accessory. Made in China.’ Not cool!!”

As you can see, he was irritated at the disclaimer the company is forced to include on their products. The post brings to light three main ways in which Survival Straps differs: 1) the quality and integrity of materials used 2) our unique company guarantee and 3) our resolve to remain an American-based manufacturing company. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explain what Survival Straps is all about and expand upon what makes us the leading paracord accessory company in the world.

First, we strive to produce the highest quality paracord products in today’s market. Survival Straps is the home of the original Survival Bracelet, using authentic, military grade, type III 550# parachute cord. The cord is woven together from an elastic nylon rope, and “type III” denotes that the rope has a breaking point of up to 550 pounds and can withstand an incredible amount of weight and pressure. You can see why the rope evolved exponentially from its first application as parachute rigging and why it is so highly regarded by military, outdoor enthusiasts and civilians today.

This particular bracelet in the photograph and many other imitation bracelets are made with commercial grade cord most commonly manufactured and sold overseas that has little to no load-bearing capabilities. They might be woven together to resemble a survival bracelet but will not go far in actually assisting in any true survival situation. As per the disclaimer, they are little more than an item meant to be worn as a fashion accessory. With over 50,000 color combinations, countless customization features and a plethora of officially licensed collections, Survival Straps is proud to boast both fashion and practicality.

Survival Straps also differs in another critical point of view: not only do we encourage you to unravel your gear and use it, but we’ll actually replace it for you! All we ask is for you to share with us your story, pictures, and $5 for shipping. We’ll take care of the rest and get you set up with brand new gear ready for your next adventure. That’s our guarantee.

Lastly, unlike these novelty accessories, Survival Straps gear is handmade in the USA. Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Survival Straps is family-owned business operated by local residents passionate about upholding the commitment to our brand and country. We unequivocally support our nation and the men and women who fight for our freedom by giving back to various charitable organizations who provide invaluable services to our military and veterans. To date, Survival Straps has donated $856,000 to these worthy causes. We hope to top this number even further in the future.

We hope that his post has cleared up some of your questions and further solidified your trust in our company. Visit our website at, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest Survival Straps updates and news. As always, thank you for your support!


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