Survival Story: Waiting On Your Marine

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Here is one use of Survival Straps that came to mind as our son was completing boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.

As a family we were trying to think of a way we could show solidarity with him while he was enduring The Crucible, the 54-hour exercise that is the defining moment of a Marine’s boot training.  Some families burn candles, but we didn’t want an open flame in the house when we would be at work or running errands.  So we decided to each design and wear a Survival Strap and not remove it until we were sure that he had earned his Eagle Globe & Anchor.

The day before graduation our new Marine had five hours of liberty available to us, and it was a tearful moment as we saw him for the first time in 5 months.  We showed us the Eagle Globe & Anchor that was awarded to him at the end of The Crucible, and we showed him the Survival Straps we wore to support his safety and success.

Attached is a photograph we took of the Survival Straps we wore that day when he showed us his EGA.

Waiting On Your MarineSo for families of Marine recruits who want to remind themselves of what their son or daughters are enduring on all our behalves, consider designing for yourselves a Survival Strap and wear it for each hour of The Crucible as a way of helping your loved one transition from recruit to Marine.


Brian Shea


Survival Straps launches Vietnam Vet Gear!

Survival Straps Vietnam Vet 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet

Vietnam Veteran Survival Straps® gear is now available on our website. This line features Survival Bracelets, neck ID lanyards, key fobs, gear tags, and necklaces. All gear  is made in America from military spec paracord and a portion of all our proceeds goes to help support Wounded Warrior Project. We are thankful for all our military veterans and hope the ones that served in Vietnam like this new addition.

Survival Straps Vietnam Vet 550 Paracord Key Fob

Survival Straps Vietnam Vet 550 Paracord Wide Survival Bracelet Adjustable Stainless Clevis Shackle

Survival Stories: Troy Curnow

Wear it. Unravel it. Survive it.

It’s always exciting to read Survival Stories and see pictures that our customers send in via email ( or in a good old-fashioned letter. Here’s a story we received yesterday of how our handy, 550 military spec paracord bracelet helped to save Troy Curnow’s hide while he was hiking in Alaska:

Survival Straps-Curnow's Climb

“I purchased a survival strap for my husband (the wilderness adventurer) while we were living in Colorado. We moved back to Jax, Fl last year, and come to find out you guys were based here all along! That’s besides the point, though, because my husband left in February to work on a Gold Mine in Alaska, and actually had to use his survival strap in a survival situation! Here’s his story:

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