Custom Healthcare Professionals Collection

Medical newsletter newThere are many fearless people that work in the healthcare industry, and now we added three new lines of products to honor those individuals even further. With three different dog tag options to choose from all featuring the familiar symbol of medicine, our new medical collection is perfect for all medical heroes. Purchase a Neck ID Lanyard to secure your badge, ID or other important items while on call, or wear a Survival Bracelet sporting one of these cool new logos. Made with military spec paracord, our durable accessories are made to withstand whatever conditions your occupation may subject you to and just might be unraveled to help you save someone’s life.
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Survival Straps Flag Collection

We’re excited to introduce our new Flag Collection featuring six different countries and their flags. You can now buy your Survival Straps® gear emblazoned with the Australian, British, Canadian, German, Irish or Italian flag.

flagsWe are not only extremely proud to be United States of America citizens but also deeply appreciative of our own individual and unique backgrounds. This melting pot of cultures is what makes America so great. Celebrate your heritage with a Britain Survival Bracelet™, Ireland key fob or Italian gear tag to mark your luggage while traveling, or ring in jolly Oktoberfest in style with our German Flag collection. Celebrate what makes you and your family uniquely, well, you!

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Celebrate Wounded Warrior Project’s Decade of Service

At Survival Straps, we respect and acknowledge the enormous sacrifices made by our military men and women. Many of these service members return home from war with both physical and mental injuries including traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, or combat stress. We’re proud to support an organization that is committed to honoring and empowering this generation of wounded service members and help them successfully adjust back to life at home.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) began 10 years ago when several veterans and friends, moved by the stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq, took action to help others in need. Today, WWP serves tens of thousands of wounded servicemen and women and families with programs and services providing engagement opportunities, physical and mental health support, and economic empowerment.

WWP10 Google+

In recognition of the 10-year anniversary of WWP, Survival Straps® is honored to further the mission with custom WWP Survival Straps products and a commemorative 10-year bracelet and key fob.

To get involved and learn more about WWP and their decade of service and lifetime commitment to injured service members and their families, please visit

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Jersey Strong

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and surrounding areas, destroying homes, businesses and irrecoverable landmarks. To this day, the Jersey Shore is still rebuilding and banding together to repair the damage that occurred. The American people have come together and shown unbelievable strength and solidarity in surrounding the people affected with love and encouragement. With this Support Page, Survival Straps® hopes to add to their relief efforts.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Map Logo

25% of the sales price from all products on this page will be donated to the New Jersey Relief Fund, an incredible organization that is greatly helping those affected. To learn more and donate directly to the fund, please visit To display your support for New Jersey, purchase your Jersey Strong gear and help give back what was lost.

Regular Survival Bracelet™ - Jersey Strong Tracker Logo

Don’t forget to check out our Support Pages! There are so many individuals and organizations that are raising awareness and funds for amazing causes. Survivals Straps® is humbled to be able to help.

Marcus Luttrell & Survival Straps: Never Forget, Never Quit

Marcus Luttrell "Service" Survival Strap

Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal and recipient of the Navy Cross for combat heroism, is one of the toughest warriors in American history. Recently, Marcus released an incredible book called “Service,” about Navy Seals at war and acts of true American Heroism-everyone needs to read it! We are extremely proud to produce a special line of American-made gear for Marcus, which is available to the public on his website. Check it out and support one of our nation’s greatest heroes!!