Survival Straps Mossy Oak Collection

Survival Straps® is fired up to launch the Mossy Oak® collection which is designed to fit the lifestyle of hunters and avid outdoorsmen. Each Survival Bracelet™ and Mossy Oak accessory including key fobs and necklaces are made with super strong 550 military issue paracord. In a pinch or an emergency situation, Survival Straps products can be unraveled and used as cordage for tying down a trophy buck to a 4-wheeler, storing gear from a tree branch, fixing a broken binocular strap or even as a tourniquet.

Mossy OakIf you do use it, send us your story, and we send you a new one for free. All Survival Straps® products are made in America and help to support our men and women in uniform. You can get them by visiting our website, here.


Survival Straps in Outdoor Life

Survival Straps® is excited to have been featured in an article in Outdoor Life “The Survivalist” Blog. The article lists great tips and ideas on how to use paracord in emergency situations including building your own fire, setting traps, and even rigging your own bow and arrows. See the full article here!

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